Presentation of the event:

The French chess championship will be held in Chartres from 19 August to 25 August 2019. Nearly 1000 players from all over France are expected, with the prestigious title of French champion at stake.

In fact, ten tournaments will be played, each player participating in the tournament that corresponds to his level and play nine games. The best players participate in the National tournament and in the National women’s tournament, which award the titles of French champion. The 2018 French champions Pauline Guichard and Tigran Gharamian will try to retain their titles.

It will be possible to follow the championship live on the internet, with a dedicated website, the live broadcast of the games with comments and an important emphasis on social medias. The media coverage of the championship is indeed a priority.

List of the players:

1EDOUARD Romain2647 F
2FRESSINET Laurent2625 F
3GOZZOLI Yannick2614 F
4LAGARDE Maxime2599 F
5FELLER Sebastien2591 F
6GHARAMIAN Tigran2586 F
7MOUSSARD Jules2576 F
8MAZE Sebastien2559 F
9CORNETTE Matthieu2548 F
10FAVAREL Julien2366 F

Women’s tournament:

1MILLIET Sophie2415
2GUICHARD Pauline2409
3LECONTE Maria2245
4NAVROTESCU Andreea-C2233
7HAUSSERNOT Cecile2178
8BROLY Mathilde2177
9MONPEURT Cyrielle2171
10THOMAS Anysia2159

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Photo : office du tourisme de Chartres